[Works] – The Simplest Way Of Fix JioTV Not Working Issue

JioTV is such an amazing app for keeping you away from boredom. If you have the JioTV app, then you can enjoy 350+ channels (55 HD channels included). With the Jio DTH setup box, you receive Set Top Box, its remote control, a guiding manual, and a dish. There are millions of users, and handling so many servers is so tough.

Due to this, certain issues are born. Your JioTV might not work. We do hope that Jio5G can help you out in this, but why to wait? Why not to solve this issue in the present?

I know JioTV not working issue is faced by certain users on various occasions.

No need to baffle yourself, we will shoot this trouble together with a simple method which I will tell you.

Let’s deal smartly with it now!

The Simplest Way Of Fix JioTV Not Working Issue

Before knowing the solution, it is always important to know the factors behind that issue. Why does JioTV not working issue occur? Well, there are many reasons. Keep reading and point out what has hit you.

Reasons for which JioTV might stop working

Some bugs play a vital role in creating errors. The developer will provide an update after analyzing such a bug, and I recommend you to necessarily update.

  • Jio’s 4G is used by certain apps due to which the smooth running of JioTV is interrupted.
  • Sometimes, the program simply sticks on for some reasons. The cache can be among such reasons. So, it’s better to clear the cache.
  • Check the APM settings to point out a problem with the opening.
  • For using this app on PC, BlueStacks app is needed. Other apps can also be used, but I won’t guarantee that they will support as good as BlueStacks.
  • You are supposed to work with Jio4G only and for WiFi, and creating user distinctive ID and password are necessary.
  • Loading with the same program repeatedly.
  • JioTv might not work due to Jio subscriptions issues also.

JioTV Not Working Issue: The Best Fixes

Now you have pointed out the possible reasons that stop your JioTV from running smoothly and now come the fixes.

  • The most common solution to JioTV not working issue is uninstalling and reinstalling of JioTV app.
  • Check whether the access point is Jionet or not. Actually, Jionet is compulsory.
  • Check out the authentication type, APN roaming protocol, APN protocol, and Bearer.
  • When you find your JioTV not running smoothly, the first thing you can try is, check the network connection and then look for the updated version. Signal checking is also a thing to do.
  • If you’ve checked the thing mentioned above, and if everything is all right, then log out of your Jio app and log in again and provide the required details. Clearing the app data can also sort out the issue sometimes.
  • Errors can read due to updates or internet connectivity also. You can check the settings and reinstall the app. You can also check the APN settings.

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