[Works] – How to Download JioTV On PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

I know many of you don’t know that JioTV can be actually downloaded on your PC/laptop as well, and half the process is similar to what you follow on your Android smartphone to download this app.

However, to begin the process, you need guidance. It is also possible that after half the process, you don’t need anyone’s help to complete the process of installing JioTV app.

Talking about the app itself, its fabulous one to have, as you enjoy HD quality streaming of a large variety of TV shows and Movies.

Now, what if you are more willing to sit with your family members or friends to watch together? I know TV is an option, but have you got a TV in every room?

I’m sure, not!

So, let’s now concentrate on how to bring JioTV to your PC and laptop screen.

JioTV Download: PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

This app has 350+ channels for you currently, out of which 55 are HD!

Now, pay attention from the first step:

  • Launch any web browser on your PC/laptop and after typing BlueStacks on the address bar, hit enter.
  • Download this app from its official website. Your internet speed will determine the downloading time. Run the BlueStacks installer now. Tap on the folder exactly where you want to install BlueStacks.
  • Now tap the BlueStacks app, and you’ll be provided some quick instructions regarding the usage of BlueStacks. Nothing wrong in going through those instructions.
  • Now you’ve entered the main user interface and now search Google Play Store as you will download JioTV from there only.
  • You are using Play Store, the very first time on BlueStacks, so you need to log in your Gmail account. The setup is straightforward that even if you don’t have any Android experiences.
  • In Gmail verification completed? Ok, now reach the search bar of Play Store and search JioTV there.
  • Now, after finding JioTV, hit the install button.
  • After launching the JioTV app, enter your Jio account, and now you’re free to experience JioTV on a bigger screen.

How beneficial is JioTV

If you have JioTV, then you can kill boredom in style! 350+ channels means that everyone is going to find at least something interesting to watch. This is a sort of app that all family members would love.

The Reminder feature of this App is impressive. This app reminds you of the movie/game schedules. So, you won’t miss out your fav movie even if you forget it’s timing. You are also able to bookmark all your favorite channels on JioTV.

This app also proves to be very beneficial when it’s the time for your fav reality show, and there is an electricity cut. No need to curse TV, just get this app on smartphone or laptop, and both of these runs on battery, you’ll conveniently watch your fav show on time.

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