How to Guide: Resetting Any JioFi device to its factory default settings

When you use an electric device like a mobile, laptop, or even routers, you will see that they will slow down a little bit and start giving problems after a prolonged time of usage. Its same with JioFi router.

If you are using the JioFi device, then you could forget the password, or you see errors, or you want to remove all the setting and data from it and start afresh new.

In that case, what do you do?

Well, the solution to that is to hard reset or factory default reset your JioFi device. All the errors and problems will go away if you reset the JioFi device.

To beginners, factory resetting means a difficult task!

Don’t worry! We are here to help you out throughout the way. We have laid out a step by step guide on how to factory reset any JioFi device very quickly and easily.

How to Factory Reset Any JioFi Router or Dongle

  • You have to turn off the JioFi router first.
  • Keep the battery inside the JioFi device but remove the back cover.
  • Next step is to find the reset button. This reset button will be inside a small on the sides of the JioFi router. You can use a smartphone pin ejector tool or a simple needle (use the non-sharp end of the needle) to press this switch. Make sure you are damaging the switch by using very sharp objects.
  • Keep the battery inside the JioFi device and hold this reset switch for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • After keeping it pressed for 30 seconds, you will see that the lights on your JioFi router dongle will start flashing altogether.
  • After the light flashes and blinks, your JioFi router will reboot automatically.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the factory reset on your JioFi device.
  • Next, you will have to connect the laptop or PC to this JioFi dongle and go to https://jiofi.local.html page. Here, you will see all the options for your JioFi router.
  • As you have done a factory setting reset, you will have to check the login credentials on the back of the JioFi device. Remove the battery and see the ID and Password. Use these to change the password to whatever you like.
  • DONE!

All of your problems regarding the JioFi device is going to be solved after doing a factory reset. If you follow this very easy step by step guide and still don’t understand anything, then you can comment and tell us the problem down below.

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