JioFi: Blocking the Connection With Other Devices & Internet Newtork Limitation

It true that Jio provides high-speed internet at unbelievably low cost, but does that mean you’ll let whosoever connect with your device and WiFi network, an start using it?

Won’t it be annoying if someone just sucks up all your data and you’re left with no data in the end? Won’t you feel like a caveman?

4G high-speed internet of Jio is compatible with VoLTE smartphones, which means that if your WiFi network isn’t secured, anyone with a smartphone can conveniently link to your WiFi network.

Due to the strong connection and wide range, the issue increases even more. So, creating a unique username and password becomes necessary for you. Are you safe then?

No, you aren’t!

That’s not enough. You have to take further measures for simply hiding your network! Neither it will be visible, nor anyone would be able to access it. We will guide you in the same process.

Preventing others from accessing the connection of your JioFi router from their smartphones

Many of you will be suffering from WiFi hotspot router hacking, and don’t you feel helpless when you don’t know the actual process of how to stop unwanted devices to get connected to your router?

No worries, we’ll guide you through this situation and mention some necessary tips here. Read the tips mentioned below and securely hide your WiFi network.

  • Begin with connecting your JioFi 3 MiFi Hotspot to your Laptop or PC (If not having a PC or laptop, then use your friend’s laptop).
  • However, you can open any internet browser on your PC/Laptop, but an expert will always suggest Google Chrome.
  • Type http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm, or http://jiofi.local.html (any 1 out of them) in the address box and wait from a moment after clicking the enter button. The login will pop up.
  • Now complete the login process after entering username and password.  (Use only small caps and enter “administrator” for both).
  • Now you’ve logged in and now go to ‘SETTING‘ and furthermore, to ‘NETWORK.’
  • Mac address Filter’ option will appear. That option is disabled by default, and you are free to flip it to enable mode.

Permitting connection of only the selected devices to your JioFi

Making your network will surely hide it from all people and avoid unnecessary device connections to your JioFi router. Now, what if you have to share the connection with your close ones? Ther are definitely not in access, as you’ve hidden your network.

So, what to do to permit them the access to connect to your JioFi router in a safe manner? Keep reading the steps mentioned below.

  • You won’t be able to carry out the process unless you’ve completed all the steps mentioned above.
  • Now, if you’ve completed all that, enable MAC address filter.
  • As soon as the option of MAC address filter mode will appear, allow it.
  • Click on “ADD” option, and then you’ll have the right to select all the MAC addresses that you want to allow to connect to your JioFi Router.
  • To confirm the settings, click ‘APPLY‘ option, and you’ve updated the settings now. Furthermore, you can also block any person from your device.

Stopping others from accessing your JioFi Router

The instruction were clear enough for you and I hope you are now fully familiar with the process of stopping others from accessing your JioFiRouter and even if you are not fully certain about the process, I have provided a video here, to guide you through.

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