How to Increase the Internet Speed on JioFi Devices [It works]

We have noticed a lot of users complain of having very low speeds on their JioFi internet routers. So, what are the reason because of which you might notice a decrease in internet speed? The following are some of the reasons:

  • Low network strength in your locality.
  • You have placed the JioFi device inside a box, or the network is obstructed.
  • You have a lot of electrical or metal blocking the network to your JioFi device.

Now, there are ways with which you can check the reason behind this low speed of internet on your JioFi devices. We have also compiled a list of tips, tweaks, and tricks on this post to help you out sort out the network problems you might be facing.

Let us go on a give you advise on how to solve all the JioFi common issues and how to increase the internet speed on your new JioFi devices.

So, what could be the reasons because of which you might be facing issues in internet speed? The following are some reason that could be the culprits.

Common issues and fixes

  • Did you check the Jio APN settings? You might have entered the wrong APN setting, which could result in internet problems.
  • Jio gives a set limit of data every day, if you surpass that limit, then the speed will be capped, and you will get very slow speeds. Make sure you still have data left before continuing.
  • JioFi router has a maximum of 10 connection limit. Therefore, if you have connected more than 10 devices, then disconnect some of them.
  • Your JioFi device should be placed in an open space, keeping it near a wall, electrical wiring, electrical equipment could result in low internet speeds.
  • Have you seen what the LED indicator on the JioFi device is saying? Check out what the light means:
    • Red light or less than 1 signal bar: this light means that you are getting a low network signal in that place because you are in low coverage area zone.
    • Blue light or 2 to 4 signal bars: this means that you are inside a good coverage area.
    • Green light or full network signal bars: you have excellent network coverage.
  • Have you tried testing some other websites or apps? Sometimes it might happen that a particular app or websites service is down and it is having problems.
  • JioFi router has a limited area range, so make sure that you are keeping the JioFi device within 10 meters of a radius of all the connected devices.

So, these all were some of the common fixes that you can see and try to check if you are making any common beginner mistakes when using the JioFi device. Now, let us look at some solutions which you can try to increase the internet speed.

 Solutions to increase JioFi internet speed

  • If you have an open network on your JioFi device, then all the nearby people will connect to it, and your internet speed will go down. Similarly, if you have your friends connected to the same device, then you can reduce the number of devices connected to the JioFi to boost the internet speed. Create a Wireless Encryption Password on your JioFi router.
  • Make sure that you upgrade to the latest firmware software on your JioFi device.
  • Take your JioFi device and place it in an open space instead of having it inside the room. Try placing it near open windows or in the balcony.
  • Sometimes changing the DNS will help as well. you have to change the default DNS to Open DNS. You can check out this link to see how to change the DNS to Open DNS.

Most of the times, the slow internet speeds are caused because of low network coverage in your area. Try checking the internet speed at your friend’s house or some other place and see if the internet speed in your JioFi device increases.

Lastly, if you have tried all the above fixes and tricks and you are still facing low internet speeds on your JioFi devices, then call the Jio customer services and tell them the problem.

If you have any more questions or queries, then please leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you out. and do check jiofilocalhtml

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