How to USE MyJio App For Getting Back Your JioFi Number

JioFi router is such an easy device to use, and special applications are provided for killing every single problem that comes your way. By buying a JioFi router, you can enjoy high-speed internet on multiple devices.

Keeping everything aside, we are here to discuss what to do for getting back your JioFi number. There is no need to frustrate if you’re stuck in this situation, as you’ve got the support of MyJio app.

We will explain you using this MyJio app for getting back your JioFi number in a breeze manner.

Most importantly, it is such a short process that you’ll say, “was that it?”

Using MyJio App For Getting Back Your JioFi Number

There are basically a couple of ways through which you get help in terms of getting back your JioFi number. Following they are:

1.) As expected, use MyJio App for connecting your JioFi device. Open the app, enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD when you’re asked for logging in. At the top of your screen, you’ll see your JioFi number. Now, you better note it down somewhere.

2.) The second step is equally easy. Here you need to send an SMS to the manufacturer. Using any Jio number, just type ‘Jio number‘ and send it to 199.¬†You’ll get an instant response from the operate, and your number will be texted back to you.

No worries if you are having a non-Jio number. Just send the same SMS to 7021799999 instead of 199, and you’ll receive an SMS, mentioning your Jio number in a similar manner.

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