How to Easily Download MyJio App On PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Are you still into the old methods of visiting customer service centers for seeking help? I ask you why to elaborate that much when you can get the required support from wherever you want?

Having MyJio App provides you access to a lot of things. It’s a highly beneficial app, and that’s why millions of users have already installed it and are enjoying vast benefits.

Most of you know the method of downloading MyJio app on smartphones (both Android and iOS), but what about downloading the same app on PC? Do you know how to do that?

No coding or hacking is required guys, it’s a matter of a few minutes! After following this guide for next 5-10 mins, you’ll be able to run MyJio app smoothly on your Windows platform.

MyJio App Download: PC/Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

First of all, your PC/laptop must work and secondly, it must be well-connected to the internet. Then only we can move forward. The following steps are surely and surely going to work out for you.

  • Open any of your installed web browsers, and after taking the cursor to the search bar, type BlueStacks App and successfully download+install it.
  • After BlueStacks is installed, run it and do a quick go-through of the brief instructions displayed there.  Soon, you will reach the main desktop user interface.
  • Enter the Play Store app, and soon, your Gmail account will be demanded. Fill it properly. (Gmail account is compulsory).
  • Once Gmail is active there, you’ll again see the Play Store, and now you can search for MyJio app so that you can complete this process.
  • Once it appears, download it and securely install it.
  • Finally, you are able to access all the Jio services, including JioTV, JioMusic, etc.

Some basic security measures

Oh yes, some security measures! I just want to give you a tip that better you hide MyJio app’s icon somewhere. There are certain app hiders available. I suggest so because if somebody else is also using your PC/laptop, then he/she can use your MyJio account for undefined reasons, and even the settings can be disturbed.

If you are the only person to use your PC/laptop, then no worries at all.

Your laptop must have running windows, and it must support visualization. Anything below 4GB Ram isn’t acceptable. Rest, the process was simple, and the benefits are high.

Before finishing, I leave you with a video explaining the same steps that I did.

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