How to Create Your Own Jio ID And Password in 2019?

Jio doesn’t just provide amazing internet speed at unbelievable low cost, but you also enjoy every possible support from them. Jio is always up with some highly beneficial new features and amazing updates.

Now, if you want to fetch out every single benefit from Jio, you definitely need to create your distinctive Jio ID and Password on MyJio App.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll get all new updates, and this app also helps you in finding your forgotten Jio number.

We’re here for discussing the process of making a Jio ID and password. The process is itself too simple, and we’ve made it even more easy for you to understand by explaining the process step-wise.

Creating Your Own Jio ID And Password

Before moving forward, download My JioApp from Google Play Store / App Store and install it.  Then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on My JioApp and click on Sign Up. Here you have to enter your Jio Sim number and then generate OTP.
  • Now enter that OTP, furthermore, enter your e-mail address and now create a safe PASSWORD that you can remember.
  • You’ll be provided a verification link on your email ID.
  • Now, for activating your Jio ID, click on that link. Now, your account is activated, and you are free to choose an email address as your Jio ID.
  • Next, use your Jio ID and password for Signing in to MyJio App.

Now you’re free to enjoy Jio services and the access to numerous Jio Apps is also assured.

This process can also be done with a PC.  Just follow the link – and click on Sign Up. Now, enter your Jio number, create your own password and ID, and you’ve got access to Jio Apps. Both the processes are pretty much similar.

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