How to connect Your JioFi Dongle With A Particular Device: The Perfect Guide

Indian mobile operating system suddenly came across a historic bend when Jio was released in India. For standing in competition with Jio, other companies also dramatically reduced data, SMS, and call prices.

JioFi Diongle is a decent creation of Reliance group, which enable multiple users to connect to WiFi and enjoy high-speed internet.

Now, what if you own a JioFi dongle, and your friend and family member comes to you and asks for the internet access. If you are confidential with the process of connecting your JioFi dongle to other devices, then it’s ok, but what if you don’t have any idea about it?

Won’t that be a situation of humiliation?

We won’t let that happen, and we will provide you full info regarding this process of linking devices with a JioFi router. In return, we are asking for your concentration just for hardly 5 mins for reading this guide!

Connecting Your JioFi Dongle With A Particular Device

If you’re linking a device with your JioFi router for the first time, then only the following steps are going to be helpful.

  • Press the POWER button of your JioFi dongle for a few seconds for turning it On. On the dongle’s backside (also on the box’s backside), you’ll find your dongle’s default SSID and PASSWORD.
  • Search out which all WiFi networks are available no a device. Then click on the default SSID and enter the default password.

In case if you aren’t following the default SSID and password, you need to enter the new password (that you’ve updated as per desire) for letting a given device to connect to your JioFi dongle. This was the second method.

Before finishing up, I would like to recommend you a thing. Let only a limited number of devices to connect to your JioFi dongle. Anything below ten simultaneous users is good. If the limit is exceeded, then huge chances are there, that you suffer slow internet speed.

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