How to Change JIoFi USERNAME and PASSWORD in 2019?

JioFi Router is made for providing stable internet connection and high internet speed. There might be a lot of reasons behind the slow speed of your JioFi router. A prominent one out of them is overloading or overheating of the JioFi router due to the connectivity of more number of devices than recommendations.

Not with JioFi routers, but the same issue takes place with all routers out there. Now, as JioFi is compatible with so many devices, there are always big chances that people around you connect to your router (if they are familiar with your password).

My first recommendation is that, provide the password only to the important people.

Now, what if the password that you shared with your friend is further shared with more people? You’ll definitely come across internet speed issues. Besides that, security is also at stake.

So, what to do? Simply change your JioFi router username and password. We will guide you regarding this.


The following guide is so easy that even a starter won’t feel overwhelmed. Read keenly and don’t miss any step.

  • Use WiFi for linking your smartphone/laptop and JioFi router, or you can use the USB cable also for linking (A USB slot is already provided in the JioFi router).
  • Type http://jiofi.local.html or in the search engine and launch the page.  At the top right corner, you’ll find the LOGIN option.
  • Now for both the username and the password, you have to type ‘administrator.’
  • Under the SETTINGS tab, you’ll find ‘WIFI settings.’ Now you’re free to set the SSID name as well as the password that you want.
  • Conclude the process by pressing SAVE for updating the new SSID and password.

No matter how many devices were earlier connected to your router, all will be disconnected after you’ve changed the SSID and password. Now, just type your new password for connecting to your JioFi router. Now, if you want anyone to access the connection of your JioFi router, the common sense says, “provide him/her the new password.”

Changing JioFi USERNAME and PASSWORD: The starter guide

First of all, you need to turn On the JioFi router before moving any further. Hold the power button of the router for switching it On. Make sure that the router is fully ready to use.

Connect the JioFi router to your device (laptop/PC/smartphone), and the internet connection needs to be stable and fast enough to carry on the further steps. If the internet speed is inadequate, then it’s better to keep it aside and try out the process when the connection/internet speed is perfect.

Enter your own password and username that you previously set for it. If you have never set the username and password, then check the back of the box or on the backside of the device. You’ll find the default password and username written over there.

For running JioFi settings, enter the configuration page first of all. If you haven’t done this ever before, then let me explain in short. Connect JioFi router > open internet browser > enter http://jiofi.local.html or type in in the search bar > Press SEARCH.

You’ll see the login page of your JioFi router. They’ll ask you to insert your USERNAME in the upper field, and PASSWORD in the bottom field. Instead of that, you have to enter ‘administrator‘ ( All caps should be small), in the both and then press the LOGIN potion.

Now, you are inches away from setting the new username and password. Now you click on Network>>Wi-Fi Configuration. Furthermore, you’ll notice a new menu indicating options like Status,  Encryption, Channel, and more. Going further down, a field named ‘PASSWORD’ will appear.

Enter your desired password in that field. It needs to be safe, complex (so that no one can access it just by doing some guesswork), and most importantly, something that you very well remember.

Now after entering the new password, elaborate the last time and click SAVE and you’ve completed it.

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