How to Fix Jio SIM Common Issues – No Signal or Interrupting Weak Call Quality 2019

From the time Jio have started their businesses, people have been buying Jio Sim like crazy!JIO SIM Common Issues and Fixes

We understand the need for calling and keeping up with your friends and loved ones, but what happens when the new JIO SIM card starts giving you problems?

So, what are the issues that you can face when using JIO SIM card?

  • Bad call quality: this is one of the main reason people get angry with their JIO cards. It would be really disappointing if the call keeps getting cut off or interrupted, right? We love nonstop chit chatting with loved ones without any problems, but sometime JIO does act up and gives you the bad quality of audio over the call.
  • No Network: another big issue with the JIO SIM cards is that they sometimes don’t catch the signal at all. It shows no signal available. Obviously with no signal, you won’t be able to call anyone or receive anyone’s calls.
  • No 4G internet speed: This is a very big issue for those of us who are always online doing things. We have already posted a guide on how to increase the 4G JIO SIM internet speed. Check out the post to see all the tweaks, tricks and tips we offer for free.

What are some of the common issues that people face when using a JIO card?

Below is the list of common problems that people face while using the JIO SIM cards. We have also written a quick and simple fix for every error/issue as well.

  • JIO SIM card sometimes does not connect to the network even when you are in the middle of the city.
    • The solution to this problem might be that there must be a lot of JIO users in a small area. You can jump the network signal by turning on the Airplane mode on your phone and then turning it off after a minute. This should help you get a proper and better signal on your JIO card.
  • JIO SSO login has errors. If you do not properly do all the login configurations in the JIO SSO, then you might face some problems.
    • We have actually written a post about the SSO logging system on JIO cards, please check that post to get a fix or a solution.
  • JIO SIM only works with the smartphone which supports 4G and VoLTE.
    • If your phone does not have 4G, then the JIO SIM will not work on it, no matter how much you try. On the other hand, if your smartphone does not have VoLTE, then you will not be able to call anyone or receive any call (although the internet will work as long as it a 4G phone).

So, these were some common problems that people face while using the JIO SIM.

We hope you have got your solution to your problem from this post, if not, then you can comment down below and describe your problems. We will make sure that we help you out in solving your problems with the JIO SIM cards.

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