Everything About Jio SSO Login in 2019

SSO stands for Single Sign-On, and every single network provides a unique user ID to its customers through which they receive some special offers.

These offers vary according to the network joining time and those users, who have been sticking to the same network for extended time get benefits of those special offers. Only selected customers get app access.

Do you know the process of accessing your personal Jio SSO login?

If not, then I’ll help.

I’ve solved every single question of yours regarding SSO login down there in this article.


SSO is nothing but a user authentication service which permits the users to access several apps with username & password. Customers can check the special offers with the help of SSO login details provided to them. Only a specific user is given app access. Exact contrasting to the SSO is another SSO, which stands for Single Sign Off.

When the users sign out of the app, it will cut off the access to multiple accounts. The SSO account of a given person will update every single thing about that individual’s account. Next, let’s clear what is Jio SSO Login.


A special portal is given to the Jio user for letting him have a private account, as the user’s privacy and details matter a lot, and need to be kept very safe. Jio SSO login procedure is nothing different than other networks around. The update of the info is relevant to the user only, keeping privacy in mind.

This portal is supposed to display some special offer which brings benefits to the relevant user only. Only Android mobile users get the advantage of SSO login. Having a Jio account is necessary for accessing the Jio SSO login page.

In case you don’t have a Jio account, follow the steps mentioned below for making one:

  • Tap Google Play Store/All store > Install MyJio App > Open app > Sign up.
  • Click on ‘GENERATE OTP‘ after entering your Jio Sim number and you’ll receive OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • After setting the password, tap ‘SIGN UP.’
  • Varify your Jio ID inside 24 hours by clicking on the link.
  • Now, the activation process of your Jio account is completed. Use your Jio ID+Password for signing in to MyJio app. You can follow the same steps for all sorts of JuiFi devices out there.


Like various other recovery processes of Jio, here also OTP is the basic solution if you forget your username/password, or simply want to change it for security purpose. You’ll receive OTP (One Time Password) on your Jio mobile number.

In case you’ve connected your portal with your e-mail ID instead of your phone number, then you’ll receive the OTP on the e-mail ID. You can recover the password either by the link sent to your email or by OTP. So, even if the password went of your memory, no need to frustrate.


Personal privacy is always a big thing, and a right of everyone out there, on whichever platform. It’s simple that no one will trust the network, which somehow fails to stand on the grounds of providing your privacy. If a network is providing you relief regarding privacy, then it’s common that you will prefer that network only.

In actual, online privacy doesn’t exist as ISP and network will have the details’ copy, and these details come through the portal. In simple words, whatever you are doing on the network is not going to entirely vanish. For safety measures, hose details’ traces are going to remain on the network’s cache.

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