Easiest Way Of Upgrading JioFi 2/3 Firmware

You can do the latest version upgrading of JioFi 2/3 firmware with easy, but you do need guidance if you aren’t familiar. We are providing some straightforward tips, which will help you in this scenario. This firmware upgrading will consume nothing more than a few minutes.

Now, what are the benefits of this upgrading? Why must one do it?

Firstly, you’ll have a bundle of new features to enjoy, and there will be an increment in your internet speed. Besides that, the internet connection will be more stable.

I am sure that the current firmware version (PEG_M2_B20) might be troubling you a  bit. So, I recommend you to upgrade it and achieve comfort.

Not just that, even if you are facing router overheating issue, then also this simple upgrade will solve the issue.

So, shall we proceed?

Easiest Way Of Upgrading JioFi 2/3 Firmware

Before moving further, there are some considerations that one must keep in mind before starting the steps for upgrading JioFi 2/3 Firmware. Following are those considerations:

  • Your router’s battery should be ready with a full charge.
  • There must be the availability of the latest version of JioFi firmware.
  • You require manufacturer defaults logins for entering admin dashboard the first time after you rebooted your router.

The easy guide: Updating JioFi Firmware to Latest Version

Now, if everything is fine till now, we will move further towards the upgrading steps. Follow keenly!

  • Switch ON your router and connect your PC/laptop via JioFi WiFi network. For accessing the admin dashboard, click on the link http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm where you’re asked for the correct username and password.
  • Once login is complete, click SETTINGS and then click on FIRMWARE UPGRADE from the menu.
  • You can check for the latest installed firmware version by tapping DEVICE SOFTWARE VERSION.
  • Under the SOFTWARE UPGRADE, you’ll see BROWSE. Click there and select the JioFi firmware accessible location and then click on it.
  • Now, you’ve already selected the firmware, and now you need to begin the upgrading process by click APPLY.
  • It will take a few moments now for completing the upgrading process. Your router will automatically reboot after the upgrading process has successfully completed.
  • Then simply hard reset your JioFi router for restoring factory settings. Now, connect your PC/Smartphone to your JioFi router having the latest firmware version and enjoy the benefits.

Now you aren’t able to log in without factory default logins as you’ve restored the default settings. Furthermore, you can conveniently change your username and password, and this is needed only once. The process is ultra-simple. If anyone of my reader is still feeling baffled, he/she is free to watch the video down there!

Additional info

Are you uncertain regarding whether your JioFi firmware version is updated or not? The easiest way of assuring that is open JioFi web panel on any web browser and enter what I’ve mentioned below:

All JioFi routers go to — http://jiofi.local.html

JioFi 2 router go to —

JioFi 3 router go to —

Now, if the situation arises that even after following all of the firmware upgrading steps perfectly, you aren’t achieving the latest update, then make a visit to the nearest Jio service center and get help from them regarding this.

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