How to Buy JioFi Router on Internet Online 2019

We remember the day when the JioFi router were launched; people were buying it like crazy at the time. There were long waiting times on the delivery and in stores as well.

JioFi routers were an instant hit when they came to the market.

But what do you do if you would like to buy a JioFi router now?

Well, don’t worry at all!

We have come up with this post, especially for your guys. In this post, we will show you the best way to buy JioFi router quickly, easily, and safely.

Where to buy JioFi routers online?

Well, the best place to buy anything online is Amazon, right? Amazon gives us so many options in whatever we want to buy.

Buying anything from Amazon is really easy and very safe. They will refund you your money back if you don’t like the product or it came damaged.

We will recommend everyone to buy JioFi routers from Amazon only. They have a wide choice available as well; you might already know that there are so many different types of JioFi router on the sale.

So basically, right now, you have 4 different options when it comes to JioFi devices. We will show them to you one by one below.

First option: JioFi Router Hotspot M2S (JioFi 2)

This one is one of the oldest models of JioFi. They were selling like hotcakes when they came out. The battery lasts really long and has 4G speed internet.

Overall more than 8100 people have already bought it from Amazon. they all have given it a rating of 4 stars as well.

If you have any questions regarding the model, then you can check the question-answer section on their Amazon page, they have answered more than 1000 questions.

The price of this JioFi 2 router is 999 rupees only.


Second option: JioFi Hotspot 3

How to Buy JioFi Online

This was the second model of the JioFi device. It had these new cool looking LED light on it and currently is the best seller on Amazon.

975 people have already rated it at 4 stars out of 5. There are even 955 questions answered on the Amazon page. What are you waiting for? If you like the model, then go and buy it today!

The price of this JioFi 3 is 1217 rupees only.


Third option: JioFi 4 JMR 815

How to Buy JioFi Online

If you would like to go for around design instead of a rectangular design, then this is a very good choice. It functions the same as all other JioFi devices.

Nearly 8110 customers have given it a rating of 4 stars on Amazon.

Buy it now for rupees 999 and get free home delivery as well.


Final option: JioFi 5 Wi-Fi router

This is one of the latest JioFi routers right now. It is designed as a cube and also has a keychain holding slot. Cool, right?

You will have to pay 1320 rupees to get this today along with free home delivery.

This one has a 1-year warranty and also has a 10-day return policy.


So, all these were the JioFi devices on sale on Amazon right now.

All of them have the same exact functions; the only difference there is, is of battery level and shape of the JioFi device. Buy whichever you like today!

If you have any queries, then please write a comment below and tell us about it. We will surely help you out.

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