10+ Interesting JioFi Router FAQ

Reliance Jio is responsible for bringing revolution in the mobile network industry of India, and Jio is known for offering high features and cheap cost. Due to several benefits regarding 4G internet, calls, SMS, etc. Jio developed a great market and earned Millions of customers in unbelievably less time.

They begin providing benefits with LyF mobiles and JioFi only, and later on, the benefits stretched to all other devices. JioFi is a portable hotspot device, and you definitely need to know about it.

Numerous users, which have installed Reliance Jio Sim in their JioFi device are currently enjoying it. These JioFi devices are of several kinds. The features vary, and so does the connectivity capability.

Some decent high-quality devices also exist, which let you connect even 15 devices with USB connected simultaneously providing adequate internet speed.

Now, more users clearly means more questions, and more confusions if those questions are left unanswered. So, we are here with some most frequently asked questions related to these JioFi devices, and their respective answers.

JioFi Router FAQ and their appropriate answers

You’re able to access thrilling 4G internet speed and also SMS calls, through Jio4GVoice application, which is pretty simple to install. Now let’s head towards some high popping questions and concentrate upon the answers.

Q From where to buy the JioFi device, and what all is provided in the kit?

Almost all major selling platforms are selling JioFi, including Amazon, SnapDeal, DX mini Stores, etc. Besides JioFi portable device itself, the stuff that’s provided in the kit includes  224GB data for 1 year, Jio GST software solution, unlimited voice calls, management applications, and billing. You can also enjoy various additional upgrades and activations in most of the parts of India.

Q What all is needed to buy a Jio Sim, and how long does it take to activate?

The process of acquiring a Jio Sim is short and simple. You just need to produce some documents with personal info and proof of your identity. It won’t consume anything more than 15 mins to activate your Jio Sim once KYC (know Your Customer) is done using your Aadhar card. After that, the Sim is entirely ready to be used, and you can access all benefits.

Q What is the max limit of devices that can be connected simultaneously with a JioFi router?

First of all, if you don’t want to overload your JioFi router, then you are not supposed to connect more than 10 devices simultaneously according to the experts. Talking about the max capacity,  31 devices have been connected to this router.

Q How much capable is the battery of JioFi router?

The battery of JioFi router is capable of serving you 6 hours continuously. It is a 2300mAh battery. The charging takes 3 hours.

Q Can the JioFi device and PC be connected using a USB cable? Is it compatible to a 3G/2G device?

You can see an inbuilt USB slot in your JioFi router. It is provided for using the internet on a laptop/PC by connecting both via a USB cable. For tethering internet from this JioFi device, your device should be WiFi compatible, that’s it.

Q How to use JioFi router?

Jiofi routers are just highly beneficial, but at the same time, are pretty easy to use also. Before moving further, make sure you’ve inserted Jio Sim and the battery (having a charge in it). Then switch on WiFi option on your PC/smartphone and find JioFi hotspot. The username and password are mentioned on the backside of the battery cover or the box. Use that username and password for connecting, and that’s it! You’re connected!

Q How can I make a call with a JioFi router?

Through the Android Play Store/IOS App store, you can install Jio4GVoice app on your smartphone. Link the smartphone with JioFi router through WiFi, and now you’re free to make calls (using Jio4GVoice applications only).

Q What are the steps of accessing JioFi Web Web configuration panel?

First of all, connecting your smartphone/laptop/PC with JioFi is important. Then enter http://jiofi.local.html/index.html in the search bar of any internet browser.

Q How can I allow/Deny any device to tether with my JioFi through mac address?

  • I’ve mentioned the steps for accessing the configuration panel on the internet browser. Follow them.
  • Go to SETTINGS and select the NETWORK option from the menu. Select ENABLE in ‘Mac address filter,’ and then you are free to select ALLOW/DENY under ‘Mac address filter mode.’
  • For adding mac address from the users’ list, click the ADD button. You’re also free to ENABLE/DISABLE the status from this page only.
  • Now, for adding it on the list, click SUBMIT, and you’ve completed the task.

Q I want to change my JioFi WiFi password. What shall I do?

No need to overwhelm yourself, setting your JioFi password is too easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • Follow the steps for accessing the JioFi Web configuration that I have mentioned up there.
  • Then go to SETTINGS and choose WIFI option there.
  • Then search for the security key and enter your new password now.
  • Complete the process of changing the password successfully by clicking on APPLY. You’ve done it!

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