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Login to JioFi Admin Panel using jiofi.local.html with the default Username and Password given on the Box.

Manage Your JioFi LTE, Network, LAN, and Wi-Fi, with Storage, User Management, JioFi Firmware Upgrade, and advance settings using this address.

How to login to jiofi.local.html Admin Page?

First of all make sure you’re connected to JioFi Internet, to login into Jiofi.local.html. Then follow the steps given below:

  1. Open any Web Browser (on Phone/PC).
  2. Then Enter this Address, type http://jiofi.local.html and click Go
  3. You will see a Login Page. Enter the Username and Password (The default username is “administrator” and the default password is also “administrator”.) and click on Log in Button.
  4. Congrats Now you are Logged in to JioFi Admin Page.

Once you are login you can do whatever you want for eg:Changing your Password/Wifi Name etc.

How to Change JioFi WiFi Password?

As shown above, once you are logged in to the JioFi Admin Panel you can change any settings. To change the JioFi password follow the steps given below.

  • First go to the Settings Page
  • Then Go to Wifi Settings (You will see Security Key option)
  • Enter your New Password in the Security key option and Click Apply.
  • Now Click on the OK Button to Save changes

Now the JioFi will get Restart automatically and you will have to connect with the New Password. (First, forget the Old wifi and then connect again with the new password.)

Jio APN Settings – For Fast JioFi Internet:

I have experienced this if we set a proper APN setting in our Mobile or Jio Fi device then we can get better Internet speed.

Quick Steps to Set Jio APN on Smartphone:

  • First go to Settings of your Smartphone
  • Then Click Wifi & Mobile Networks >> Sim & Netowrk >> Sim 1/Sim 2 >> Access Point Names
  • Then Click on 3 Dot Menu and Select Reset to Defaults
  • Now click on the + icon and fill the details.
  • Name= jio; APN=JioNet OR APN=Jio4G;
  • Then Click on 3 dot menu and Click Save.

Step by Step Video Guide for JioFi Login:

Here is detailed info on How to Log in to jiofi.local.html step by step using your JioFi. Then Follow These Steps given below.

Step 1: First Connect your Mobile/PC with JioFi Wifi. (Default Wifi Password is given inside the JioFi)


Step 2: Once you are connected to JioFi, open any Browser and Type jiofi.local.html to get to the JioFi Admin Login Page.


Step 3: Now it will ask you Admin Username and Password. (Enter Username: administrator and Password: administrator) and click on Login Button.

Step 4: Once you are Logged in you can change any Admin Settings in the JioFi device.

Video Guide to Login to http://jiofi.local.html

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions: